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Twenty years ago we set out our stall to supply the highest quality car covers it is possible to buy. Linking up with Covercraft as a supply partner gave access to over 100,000 bespoke pattern designs manufactured to order using a combination of very advanced fabrics and over fifty years of tailoring experience. Digitised patterns provide a quality of fit that is unrivalled whilst remaining true to the function of protection.

Our confidence in the quality of the Covercraft fully-tailored outdoor car covers is backed by a 4 year warranty. The design life is 5–7 years. That is unrivalled in the industry worldwide. The indoor options are not exposed to UV light and therefore do not need extended warranties.

The reasons for the need of a cover are wide and diverse. Just simply to keep the car clean when parked under a tree or to stop peacocks attacking their image reflected in the paintwork. There are many more, far too many to list here.

To manage this diversity we also offer a range of semi-custom options to meet as many expectations as we can. There is a need for a range of High Quality Covers that are manufactured using different sizes designed to fit the car concerned but not as exactly as the fully-tailored option. Because each semi-custom pattern is designed to fit a wide range of similarly sized cars they don’t include the mirror or antenna pockets that are fitted to the fully-tailored options.

We recognise that the options are sometimes not always easy to pin down. Please email or call to discuss a particular need.

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Our aim is to make the purchase of a premium quality protective car cover as simple as possible, when often buying such an item can be very confusing. Our knowledge and experience of cars and car accessories goes back many years. Talk to us about a Triumph Mayflower or a Citroen DS and you won’t draw a blank. We are not stuck there though - new patterns are being added almost daily. Typically, a pattern for a new model will be available very shortly after launch.

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