About us

The year is 1983 and our founder, Chris Dash was fed up with being made redundant. Three times in five jobs was enough. He had been in the Car Parts & Accessories Business since 1970 at both wholesale and retail levels. After attending a residential government sponsored ‘Start your own Business Course’ at the University of Bristol he opened Partland in Hereford as a retail store. Over the next few years Partland was recognised within and outside the trade for the quality of products and service offered. Awards were gained including the ‘Accessory Shop of the Year’ for the whole of the West Midlands. Long before the Internet, specialist parts and accessories were supplied as far away as Zimbabwe and New Zealand.

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In 1998 Partland created its first website offering specialist parts & accessories. The site was crude but helped us realise the potential. A year later we realised that there was an unfulfilled demand for good quality custom Car Covers. Universal and semi-custom car covers were the pre dominant offering when we started The Cover Company. A custom-cover was a very difficult to find niche product in the UK. In the USA Covercraft were catering to enthusiasts who wanted a more “perfect fit” for the cover being used to protect their pride and joy.

As the world’s No1 supplier (no one even comes close), Covercraft  were quickly identified for offering the largest range of bespoke custom-made patterns using fabrics that had been exhaustively developed specifically for vehicle protection. The 100,000+ patterns are stored digitally and cut out by computer. Cut one or cut a hundred, all would be the same. Consistent quality is the watchword. That quality is repeated 5,000 times a week.

We offer a wide selection of fabrics, to allow you to select the one that will meet your vehicle’s protection needs and budget. Different fabrics offer different levels of protection performance, and some focus on protecting from a specific element, like intense sun exposure or dust. The range of fabrics is based on experience in manufacturing covers since 1965.

Over the past 20 years, The Cover Company has established their brand and have created a niche as a successful and highly knowledgeable specialist in vehicle protection. Remember, if it has wheels, The Cover Company can cover it!

Today, as with many other businesses, technology plays an increasingly important part.

When the first fully tailored cover in the range was made in 1965, it was a very different world from today. The cut lines in the fabric were drawn out in pencil or chalk and manually measured out, then cut out with scissors and sewn on a very much less sophisticated machine than today.

The making of a premium quality car cover is much more involved than most realise. Measuring the vehicle to create the pattern is as complex as having a made-to-measure suit made. It needs to be, because the resulting cover will fit the shape as exactly as the suit. When we say fully tailored, that’s what you get: a cover that fits every aspect of the car properly. A unique pattern, not one that is listed for a dozen other vehicles of a similar shape.

The design and manufacture of your cover is carried out using CAD/CAM. This ensures consistency. When any of the 80,000 computer stored patterns are produced they will be exactly the same as last time.