• Semi-Custom Semi-Custom

Protection Ratings

  • DustProtection
    Rating: 3
  • DingProtection
    Rating: 3
  • Breathability
    Rating: 4
  • SoftTouch
    Rating: 4

Dakar Semi-Custom Indoor Car Cover

The DAKAR In-Garage Car Cover is manufactured using a very soft fully breathable Poly-Cotton with a brushed inner surface for a pampering and soft fit. The fabric is treated with a moisture repellent which is naturally breathable and does not allow atmospheric dampness to penetrate.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Protection - from knocks, scratching, spills, dust or cats. Treated on the exterior to repel damp and condensation.

  • Breathable – natural breathing allows heat, moisture or condensation to easily escape  

  • Easy fitting – elasticated hems – front & rear – plus a tie down cord

  • Lightweight indoor protection – Easy to handle and fold

  • Semi-Custom Fit – Manufactured to a pattern that will fit well but not as exactly as the Fully-Tailored option

  • Door Zips - incorporated on both sides - with inner protective flaps - to allow vehicle access whilst the cover is in place

  • Versatile – Easy to handle when using the car every day

  • Indoor Use

  • Free Storage Bag supplied


Available in Blue

These covers do not include mirror or antenna pockets

This cover is suitable for:
  • Elf 2-door, (same: Wolseley 1300 / Austin & Morris 1100) (1961-1969)
  • Kestrel 2-door/4-door, (same as Wolseley Hornet) (1962-1969)
  • Lynx 2-door (1933-1936)
  • Riley 1.5 4-door (1957-1965)
  • Riley 1½ litre 4-door (1945-1955)
  • RMA / RME 1.5L 4-door (1945-1955)
  • RMA/RMF 4-door (1945-1952)

Key Features:

  • Soft durable poly-cotton for affordable indoor storage
  • Simple, effective protection from damp, light bumps and scratches
  • Incorporates door zips for easy entry