• Fully-Tailored Fully-Tailored

Protection Ratings

  • DustProtection
    Rating: 5
  • DingProtection
    Rating: 5
  • Breathability
    Rating: 5
  • SoftTouch
    Rating: 5

Dustop Fully-Tailored Car Cover - brings the best indoor dust protection from Covercraft

The best indoor vehicle cover when you need maximum dust protection. This cover is specially engineered to block out almost all dust particles to keep your vehicle as clean when it's covered as it is when it is uncovered while providing the softest touch against your paint.

If you are looking for a premium indoor car cover, take a hard look at the Covercraft Dustop car cover. Constructed of a 4-layer laminated non-woven material, this high quality fabric is ultrasonically laminated to provide a fabric that is both breathable and highly dust resistant. It is extremely gentle on paint and is lightweight, making it easier to handle than bulkier woven fabrics.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Superior Dust Protection – The Dustop unique fabric is almost totally dustproof, stopping even the smallest dust particles
  • Lightweight, Breathable Fabric – The 4-Layer laminated fabric is extremely breathable and lightweight. Its layered design also offers enhanced dent protection.
  • Gentle On Paint – The soft inner layer of the Dustop car cover pampers and protects your vehicle's paint finish.
  • Individually manufactured – using a bespoke fully-tailored pattern designed for your make & model from a library of 100,000+ patterns

  • 4 Year Warranty – Your investment is protected by a 4 year Warranty.

  • Colour – Taupe

  • Effective theft deterrent – enhanced when used with the optional cable & lock

  • Free Storage Bag supplied


This cover is suitable for:
  • Venturi 2-door (1986-1996)

Key Features:

  • A favourite indoor cover for enthusiasts – maximum protection against dust
  • 4 layer fabric provides superior dust protection than a traditional woven material
    Soft paint-protecting inner layer pampers and protects the vehicle's finish