• Fully-Tailored Fully-Tailored

Protection Ratings

  • SnowProtection
    Rating: 4
  • BirdProtection
    Rating: 5
  • RainProtection
    Rating: 4
  • DustProtection
    Rating: 4
  • DingProtection
    Rating: 1
  • Breathability
    Rating: 3
  • SoftTouch
    Rating: 4

Ultra'tect Fully-Tailored Car Cover from Covercraft

Durable high performance outdoor protection at a reasonable price. The WeatherMax®SL fabric retains its colour & strength in extended outdoor exposure. It is breathable to allow heat and moisture to escape from under the cover whilst giving a high degree of UV protection. A durable HydroMax water repellent finish on both sides of the fabric helps protect the elements while maintaining the fabric's breathability To reduce fabric fade the colour is an integral part of the thread, unlike many other fabrics that are coated and dyed – which wears off prematurely. An economical option offering light weight, compact packability and ease of handling.

Your investment is protected by a 5 year warranty.


If someone tells you their fabric is better… it’s NOT!

  • WeatherMax®SL fabric – Protects against bird droppings, tree sap rain and dust, without compromising breathability.
  • Excellent UV protection – ideal for use in areas subject to prolonged sun exposure.
  • Custom-made with computerised design – using an exact pattern for your vehicle – individually manufactured to your order from a library of 100,000+ patterns.
  • Breathable – allows heat, moisture or condensation to easily escape.
  • Luxurious soft finish – glides over the vehicle finish.
  • Fade resistant – each fibre is a solid colour; NOT surface dyed which can wear off.
  • Superior shape retention – strong fabric – high performance lightweight woven yarns with superior strength.
  • Outdoor or indoor use.
  • Easy to use – easy to clean – machine washable.
  • Effective theft deterrent – enhanced when used with the optional cable & lock.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Free storage bag supplied.

Available in blue, black, grey or taupe.

This cover is suitable for:
  • Camargue 2-door, no mascot pocket (1975-1986)
  • Continental S2 S-2 Flying Spur, Mulliner with ornament pocket (1959-1962)
  • Corniche II, III, IV with Mascot Pocket (1973-1990)
  • Corniche II, III, IV, LHD LHD, No mascot pocket (1973-1990)
  • Corniche MK1, MKII 2-door (1977-1990)
  • Corniche MK1, MKII 2-door (1977-1990)
  • Dawn 2-door, with Ornament Pocket (2015-2019)
  • Flying Spur III 4-door (1995-1996)
  • Ghost 4-door, with Antenna Pocket (2010-2019)
  • Ghost EWB EWB with Antenna Pocket & Ornament Pocket (2010-2019)
  • Phantom DHC 2-door, Drophead Coupe (2007-2015)
  • Phantom III Phantom III (1936-1939)
  • Phantom V / VI 4-door (1968-1991)
  • Phantom VII 4-door (2003-2019)
  • Phantom VII, EWB 4-door, EWB (2005-2016)
  • Phantom VIII, EWB 4-door, EWB (2017-2019)
  • Silver Cloud Chinese Eye, Mulliner Park Ward (1964-1965)
  • Silver Cloud Coupe 2-door (1959-1962)
  • Silver Cloud I, II, III 4-door, no mascot pocket (1955-1966)
  • Silver Cloud III 4-door, with mascot pocket (1962-1965)
  • Silver Cloud III LWB LWB, no mascot pocket (1964-1965)
  • Silver Dawn 4-door (1949-1955)
  • Silver Seraph 4-door (1998-2003)
  • Silver Shadow Coupe 2-door, Park Ward Mulliner (1967-1977)
  • Silver Shadow MK I 4-door. with mascot pocket (1973-1977)
  • Silver Shadow MK II 4-door, with mascot pocket (1976-1980)
  • Silver Shadow, 4-door, with Mascot Pocket (1966-1977)
  • Silver Spirit no m/pocket 4-door, no mascot pocket (1981-2001)
  • Silver Spirit, Euro with mascot pocket, Euro pattern (1981-2001)
  • Silver Spirit, USA with mascot pocket, USA pattern (1981-2001)
  • Silver Spur 11 4-door, Limousine (1993-1998)
  • Silver Spur with m/pocket 4-door, with mascot pocket (1981-1990)
  • Silver Wraith II 4-door, no mirror pockets (1976-1980)
  • Wraith 2-door (2014-2019)

Key Features:

  • Durable outdoor protection that retains its colour and strength in extended outdoor exposure
  • Superior shape retention – Strong fabric – High performance lightweight woven yarns with superior strength
  • An economical option offering light weight, compact packability and ease of handling